A’s greats Rollie Fingers, Dennis Eckersley matched with their ‘Muppet twins’

The resemblances are pretty uncanny, really. 

The All-Star break does funny things to those who normally consume baseball on a 24/7 basis. Other than the All-Star Game itself and all its related activities, there are a handful of days with basically zero baseball activity. 

That absence of the game had led to some…different means of celebrating America’s pastime. Enter Vice Sports, which put together a highly amusing collection of MLB stars and their Muppets counterparts. Not sure what that means? Well, here’s Zack Greinke of the Los Angeles Dodgers compared to Beaker: 

Two of the most famous men to ever wear the green and gold also received Muppet-twin attention. Here’s Dennis Eckersley matched up with Animal, followed by Rollie Fingers and the Swedish Chef:

And, since he is a former Athletic, here’s Aaron Harang side-by-side with Snuffleupagus:

And Bartolo Colon of the New York Mets, matched up with…the Cookie Monster: 

And don’t forget about Randy Johnson! Here’s the Big Unit next to Sgt. Floyd Pepper of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem: 

See, maybe the All-Star break isn’t so bad…

(h/t Vice Sports)