Scout: A-Rod ‘looks like he doesn’t give a (expletive)’ in good way

One scout believes Alex Rodriguez not caring is what is helping him succeed.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

All Alex Rodriguez had to do in order to be successful again was to stop caring.

That might sound like a bad thing, but one advance scout thinks the New York Yankees slugger has been able to revitalize his offensive game in large part because he stopped caring about all of the other things that come with being A-Rod.

“He has the easiest swing I’ve ever seen from him,” an advance scout from an American League team told the New York Daily News. “He just looks like he doesn’t give a sh-t. And that’s a good thing.”

Whatever the reason is, there’s no arguing with the results so far this season. Rodriguez arguably has been the Yankees’ top hitter this season, slugging 11 home runs and driving in 27 runs. His .277 batting average is also his best average since 2009, a season Rodriguez finished 10th in AL MVP voting.

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