A.M. Wahoo’s: Jonathan Lucroy Veto Helped Farm System

The Cleveland Indians were able to retain a great prospect thanks to Jonathan Lucroy turning down a chance to come to Cleveland.

Jonathan Lucroy is a name that will draw a reaction out of Cleveland Indians fans for years to come, but his decision to avoid coming to Cleveland did not seem to affect the team too much.

The Indians were still one win away from the World Series without Lucroy, who was sent home early in October as a member of the Texas Rangers.

But while getting the catcher would have been nice, his veto of the deal kept a great young talent in the Indians organization.

Catcher Francisco Mejia was a part of that deal, only to have to pretend like it never happened when Lucroy spurned Cleveland. (Has he never been to Tremont? Or Ohio City? He’s really missing out.)

Anyway, Mejia was ranked as the top prospect in the organization according to Baseball America. He was famous this year for his 50-game hitting streak, but also for being a part of the Lucroy deal.

At the time, the veto seemed to be a major blow to the team’s World Series hopes. And while some will say he could have helped the team pick up one more win, things would have been entirely different had he been playing all postseason instead of Roberto Perez. No one knows what would have been different.

What we do know is that the Indians may have their catcher of the future still in the organization. Mejia could ultimately take over for Yan Gomes in the next two to three years, or even be a major trade asset offered to teams next season in exchange for a star player.

So while the team missed out on an All-Star catcher in 2016, the future is bright at the position. That and more in a Friday edition of A.M. Wahoo’s.

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