100 @FOXSports tweets for 100-year anniversary of Ruth’s debut

American baseball player George Herman Ruth (1895 - 1948) known as 'Babe' Ruth.

MPI/Getty Images

On July 11th, 1914 George Herman Ruth took the mound for the Boston Red Sox, making his MLB debut. 100 years later, the @FOXSports Twitter account is honoring The Sultan of Swat and the game of baseball by celebrating the past 100 years of America’s pastime.  

From Babe Ruth to Ted Williams to Derek Jeter, we take you back through 100 years with 100 tweets in 10 hours. The All-Star game is just a few days away (on FOX July 15th) and a portion of the 100-part "Tweetumentary" will focuse on some of the biggest and best All-Star moments in history.  

With help from our talent, Frank Thomas, CJ Nitkowski, Gabe Kapler, and Kevin Burkhardt, we’ll take you down memory lane and re-live some of the finest moments in baseball’s storied history. Join the fun by following the @FOXSports Twitter account or the hashtag #FOXSportsLegends.  

Again, that’s 100 tweets over 10 hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Memories. BASEBALL! SPORTS!