Your #ASG2015 writ in fine leather

When someone offers to send you a fancy baseball glove, you say yes.

Which is how I came to find this beauty waiting for me, when I arrived at my hotel in Cincinnati:

Yeah, that’s outfielder extraordinaire Lorenzo Cain, one of Wilson’s 2015 All-Stars (along with Jose Altuve, Dee Gordon, Chris Archer, and Jonathan Papelbon). I do sorta wish Cain’s signature was on the actual glove. Mostly because I’ve still got sentimental feelings about my Steve Garvey-model first baseman’s mitt. But this one’s about the All-Star Game.

And according to the kind soul who sent me the glove, this one was designed by a 17-year-old fan (and Wilson user). You can do that now! Design and customize your own glove! I knew you could do it with shoes, so I shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Anyway, my thanks to Wilson for thinking of me. It’s a fine glove, and souvenir from my fine time in Cincinnati. And having lost my beloved Nokona a couple of years ago, I’ve been waiting for a new glove to find me…