We already knew Hank was 2014’s top dog

Incredibly, the story of Hank the Stray Desert Terrier just keeps better and better:

It’s a Cinderella story for Hank, the Brewers dog. He’s been named Dog of the Year.

The spiffed-up former stray was crowned leader of the popular pack at The CW Network’s World Dog Awards. The ceremony was held in Los Angeles Saturday but wasn’t televised until Thursday night.

Paris Hilton presented Hank with his Golden Hydrant prize.

Pause. Let that sink in.


Hank won hearts and media attention after he first appeared as a stray at the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training in Arizona last February. The scruffy pup with a tire track on his back became a fixture at the Arizona camp and at ballgames. The Brewers then partnered with the Wisconsin Humane Society, which receives 20% of retail sales of popular Hank T-shirts and other Hank-related gear.

Hank found a permanent home with Andy and Marti Wronski and their sons. Marti Wronski, vice president and general counsel for the Brewers, and son Jonah escorted Hank to the awards ceremony.

You might recall that I was lucky enough to snag an exclusive interview with Hank last spring — yes, I’ve always had a nose for the news — which will forever rank among the highlights of my professional life. Coincidentally, just a couple of months earlier I’d been the willing recipient of a good slorping from Obie, another famous canine. Which was another highlight. 

It just keeps getting better.