Tommy Milone’s falling stock

Upon reading the news about the A’s trading Tommy Milone for Sam Fuld, I had this same general thought:

Right. Well, close enough. Milone is actually 6-3 in the majors this season, but Fuld was actually waived by the A’s just a few months ago. So this trade seems both strange and oddly unbalanced.

But I think the only real imbalance relates to age. Fuld is 32, Milone just 27. Three years from now, Milone might still be a decent major leaguer and Fuld will probably have transitioned to his next career. 

Right now, though? Fuld’s a weak hitter with a good glove, which makes him slightly better than replacement-level. Milone’s career ERA+ is 100 on the nose, which makes him somewhat better than replacement-level, too. The trade makes sense not because they’re equally valuable (they’re not), but because Fuld is actually more valuable to the A’s right now. I’m just a little surprised they couldn’t get a slightly better outfielder for Milone. But there’s something to be said for familiarity, and the A’s spend all spring getting familiar with Sam Fuld.

Meanwhile, this is a tremendous deal for the Twins. If for this reason alone:

Let’s just hope, for Milone’s sake, they don’t want him to be even Twinnier.