The $$$ talk can wait until November.

A wise friend writes:

Why do baseball TV guys have to talk about "this player will get a whole lotta money this offseason because he’s a free agent?

That mindless banter adds nothing to the game. It, in fact, detracts.

Why spoil a postseason ball game today with speculation about next year’s rosters? Did anyone ever do a book review and say "this author is going to make a lot of money with her next book"?

Silence is better than filler. TV guys should listen to Miles Davis and learn to appreciate the space between the notes.

I wasn’t watching baseball when this arrived, so I have no idea which broadcast or broadcaster inspired this. Which means this isn’t a criticism of any particular broadcast or broadcaster. It’s just a considered preference: Cut it out, guys.

Every single person watching the broadcast knows that good major-league baseball players don’t have to worry overly much about making their house payments. And in November, there will be plenty of rumors and news stories about who’s signing where, and for how many millions.

I don’t know about Miles Davis. But if you gotta fill up the space between pitches, there’s gotta be something to talk about other than a player leaving his current team and breaking a few hearts along the way.