The last Captain?

From the Condominium State, this odd bit of news:

Speaking on The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN Radio Thursday, the Yankees general manager suggested that when the Yankees retire Jeter’s No. 2, the “captaincy should be retired with” it.

“As far as I’m concerned, and I’m not to decision maker on this, that captaincy should be retired with No. 2," Cashman said. "I wouldn’t give up another captain’s title to anyone else."

The Yankees GM said that making it a reality would be the owner’s call, not his, adding that Jeter was “so perfect” for the role.

"Leadership comes in a lot of forms, it would be a hard one to anoint someone captain," Cashman continued, "regardless of how great they might be."

I don’t know, man … So many questions. If having a captain is a good thing, why would Cashman suggest abolishing the practice? And if the captaincy is retired, what exactly would prevent the Steinbrothers or some future owner from unretiring it?

I don’t know, man … The whole thing seems sorta silly. Unless Cashman thinks having a captain at all is just silly, in which case maybe he’s just trying to do a favor for his successors. Which makes about as much sense as anything else here.