The day God saved the Home Run Derby

MLB had some plans to save the Home Run Derby, Mother Nature decided to step in and save them from themselves. I wrote about the new format two weeks ago when the announcement was first made.

I liked the brackets and I liked the clock. I hated the stopping of the clock with one minute to go and the potential bonus time earned.

There were weather concerns in Cincinnati on Monday night so MLB decided to do away with stopping the clock at the one minute mark in each round and also decided to cut rounds to four minutes to keep the event moving. Instant success!

The Home Run Derby was a watchable event for the first time in a long time. Talking to fans both on the radio and via social media Monday night confirmed this fact. MLB should take note, pace is really important.

They also should stick with Mother Nature’s interjection, four minute rounds and no stopping of the clock with the exception of the player time out. Think about this, that extra minute with the stoppage added to each of the 18 rounds in the derby last night would have stretched the event on for at least another 30-40 minutes. That event lasted about two hours and 20 minutes from the first pitch to the last. That’s the money time window. Five minute rounds with stoppage would have been too much.

The bonus time was earned in each round of the Home Run Derby. I say get rid of it all together, some of you suggested just having the 475 foot bonus. The only way a timed sporting event works is if each player or team gets the same amount of time.

Congratulations baseball, you did this. Now don’t mess it up. Four minute rounds, no bonus time and you have yourself the ultimate winner.