Ranking the 2014 offenses

We’€™ve developed statistics over the years to showcase just how good teams and players are at doing certain things. How well does a player get on base? We have OBP. How much power does a player have? We use ISO and so forth. 

With that in mind I used team statistics, created a system of five standard deviation ranges and measured how good teams were in five offensive statistics relative to the league. I color-coded them and they are presented in circle graph form. The teams are ordered first-to-last according to the 2014 division standings. 

JABO: Tiered Team Offense

The Angels were the most well-rounded offense in baseball last year with the Pirates close behind them. The Phillies were perfectly below average and the Padres, unsurprisingly, had the worst offense in baseball. I think the biggest surprise was how poor the Cardinals were on the basepaths and in ISO. On-base percentage does cover for a lot when you’€™re deficient in other areas.