Lou Gehrig > Padres (?)

When I first saw this tweet, I thought it might be a joke:

and then I thought, "Well, that would be a strange sort of a joke. To the record books!"

In that two-week stretch, Gehrig played in 16 games, in which he hit nine home runs and drove in 33 runs. In the last of those games, a 14-13 Yankee victory over the Red Sox, Gehrig drove home eight runs.

So that’s our magic number: 33.

Chase Headley tops the Padres’ 2014 list with 32 runs batted in. He’s a Yankee now. So Seth Smith, with 32, is the team leader. While Smith is having an otherwise-tremendous season, he’s batted just .197 with runners in scoring position. Which doesn’t help. It also doesn’t help that none of the guys who bat ahead of him ever get on base.

But wait! There’s good news for the Padres! Gehrig scored only 24 runs in those 16 games. After blowing out the Cardinals Wednesday night, there are six Padres on the roster right now who have scored more than 24 runs this season. 

Everybody can’t drive in runs like Old Biscuitpants, you know.