Don’t pimp on me, great moments in hypocrisy

David Ortiz took Chris Archer deep in the third inning Sunday at Tropicana Field for a game-deciding three-run homerun. Archer was none too pleased with Ortiz’€™s bat flip and very familiar deliberate trot around the bases. Archer let his feelings be known after the 3-2 loss.

From Roger Mooney of the Tampa Tribune via Twitter:

Archer said Ortiz HR trot is "perfect example" of when (David) Price said Ortiz feels he’s "bigger than the game."


Archer said Ortiz "feels the show is all about him."

The Ortiz bat flip and trot was nothing new — this is what we have become accustomed to seeing with Big Papi. In fact, we are seeing more bat flips and "€œpimp jobs"€ as they are called within the game than ever before, and fans seem to love it.

It would be ignorant to say if you don’€™t want guys to celebrate homeruns, don’€™t let them up. It doesn’t quite work that way. Homeruns are a part of every pitcher’€™s life. Some of us are bigger offenders than others. How each pitcher handles an offensive celebration is up to them. Archer faced Oritz later in the fifth inning. He didn’t hit him, he didn’€™t knock him down or even brush him back. Ortiz flew out to right in a very ho-hum at-bat. It wasn’€™t until after the game that Archer expressed his displeasure with Ortiz.

Can you imagine what we might have seen if Archer struck Ortiz out in that fifth inning? Remember this from last year

There’€™s something in here about glass houses. You can’t have it both ways.