Danny Salazar’s no minor leaguer.

Who thought we’d be reading this …

just one year ago?

A promising rookie in 2013, Salazar got off to a rough start (5.65) a year ago; and after a humdrum outing on May 15, off he went to the minors for 11 starts, where he was good but not great.

Salazar rejoined the big club’s rotation in late July, and essentially pitched just as well as he’d pitched in 2013.

Nevertheless, he went into spring training this year fighting for a job. And lost. But after just one minor-league start, he got the call. And has obviously been outstanding since, including a seven-inning gem against the Twins on Mother’s Day.

Salazar’s now made 35 starts in the majors, with four times as many strikeouts as walks. He’s given up too many home runs, but otherwise there’s simply no reason to believe this guy can’t pitch for just about anybody.