Best. Nickname. Ever?

So this falls under the heading of Greatest Thing I Should Have Known Already But Didn’t!

From Dan Levitt’s profile of Cedric Tallis, 20th-Greatest GM:

His forceful personality manifested itself in his driving. Once while giving a ride to the owner of the Tokyo Giants in Florida, Tallis took off down a two-lane highway, careening past the orange construction cones. The next morning when the owner reluctantly climbed back into Tallis’™s car for a lift to the ballpark, he immediately buckled his seat belt — in an era well before this was common practice — €“and clung to the dashboard with both hands.  When surrounded by the Kansas City press who all knew about Tallis’™s manic driving habits, he told them, "œMr. Tallis is a kamikaze taxi driver."

Kamikaze Taxi Driver!

That’s like my favorite nickname ever. I mean, it’s not a nickname. But it should be. Why is Cedric Tallis No. 20 on Dan and Mark’s list? Go read and find out.