So about those consarned time-wasting batters

Last week the Padres were visiting the Rockies. It’€™s the bottom of the third inning, and Wilin Rosario steps into the box. And steps out. And steps in. And steps out. Ad nauseum. During which Dick Enberg observed, €œ"Is there any reason why Rosario can’t stay in the batter’s box? Just step out with his left foot, keep the right foot in there, and do all of this little business with the batting gloves, and then get ready to hit? It woul€™d be so easy to quicken the pace of the game, with just those two elements."

So true! It would be so easy!

Meanwhile, here’s an ex-major leaguer being asked about modern baseball:

Q: There were quite a few things that are done by batters today that couldn’t be done by you and your ballplayers, weren’€™t there?

A: Well, one of the things was, you had to stay in the box. You couldn’€™t be backing out all of the time, because the pitcher was allowed to pitch. And if you backed out of there, and the pitcher threw the ball, of course the umpire would call it a strike! I think that’s one of the reasons it takes so long to play a ball game.

So true! These batters today waste so much time!

By the way, that ex-major leaguer was Rip Collins, interviewed 50 years ago.