Should your untouchable prospect be so untouchable?

Sometime in the next week, your favorite team might commit the unpardonable sin of trading a top prospect.

Don’€™t scream.

Sure, the prospect might become a star, and the veteran your team acquires might disappoint.

But for proof that prospects are overvalued, just go back a few years and consult any Baseball America Top 100 list.

I chose 2009 because it makes my point particularly well.

No. 1 year that year was Matt Wieters; OK, he hasn’€™t hit the way many thought, but is an elite defender. No. 2 was David Price. No comment necessary.

But check out Nos. 3 through 8: Colby Rasmus, Tommy Hanson, Jason Heyward, Travis Snider, Brett Anderson, Cameron Maybin.

Did any of those guys truly merit untouchable status?

Among the rest of the top 20, only Madison Bumgarner (9), Buster Posey (14) and Giancarlo Stanton (16) actually qualify.

Also appearing on the ’09 list: Neftali Feliz (10), Trevor Cahill (11), Pedro Alvarez (12), Mike Moustakas (13), Dexter Fowler (15), Lars Anderson (17), Logan Morrison (18), Alcides Escobar (19) and Gordon Beckham (20).

I’€™m not saying trade every top prospect. I’m just saying that your favorite team need not be governed by fear.