Old Hoss Epstein?

Finally, we have found a modern-day pitcher to make @OldHossRadbourn proud … and it’s none other than Cubs president Theo Epstein.

Consider an incident that occurred Thursday night, when Epstein threw out the first pitch at the home opener of the Cubs’ new affiliate in South Bend, Ind.

As this video clearly suggests, Epstein threw at Cubs’ mascot Clark the Cub:

When contacted by Fox Sports, Epstein did not apologize, or say he had poor command, or claim the pitch “just got away from me."

Nope. Epstein owned it, 19th-century style.

“Clark and I have a love-hate relationship,” Epstein said. “He got a little upset at a prank I pulled a couple of spring trainings ago and has been a little distant since.

“I tried to brush him back — at least move his feet with a two-seamer in off the plate. Which I did. I can’t believe he got out of the way. He moves quickly without pants on.”

Next time, Old Hoss Epstein. Next time.