JQ on the cover of a magazine

Blink and you missed it, but former waiver claim Jose Quintana has become one of the Major League Baseball’s best starters.  

Since the start of last year, JQ has collected a higher fWAR than Strasburg, Lee and Greinke. This season, he owns a 2.85 FIP, 29% better than league average.

We may not know exactly how he’€™s doing it, but who cares?

Here’s what we do know. JQ is commanding the curveball and bringing it back over the outside corner to right handed hitters.

As a man who fell into the bucket of players who hit from the right side and was primarily utilized later in my career against lefties, this is a powerful weapon.

Against most lefties, I can sit on a fastball-changeup mix. When competing against Quintana, I have to respect that the curveball will dart on the plate, creating indecision on my part. Is he the only lefty with this capability? Absolutely not. He’s simply better than the majority in this particular arena, and he knows it.