Is Dan Uggla an upgrade for Giants?

I just wrote about Dan Uggla a few days ago, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t changed much as a professional baseball player since then. I mean, even if you buy into the Zen notion that the self doesn’t really exist at all, we can probably still believe in the player. And here’s a reasonable projected batting line for Dan Uggla, Baseball Player for the rest of this season:

.203 / .309 / .378

That’s actually not terrible for a second baseman! I mean, if you can forgive the batting average. Which, as evolved Homo Sapiens, we can. Or hetero Sabeans, too, as the Giants are reportedly picking up Uggla.

The only problem is that while Uggla’s projected batting line isn’t terrible for a second baseman, his projected defense is. Which leaves him as essentially a replacement-level second baseman. Which is what the Giants already have at second base.

But as I wrote already, Uggla was a pretty good player as recently as 2012. It just seems like some sort of switch got flipped between 2012 and ’13. And who knows? Maybe the switch can somehow get unflipped this summer. In which case the Giants would have a slightly better second baseman than they one they’ve got now. Can’t really hurt to find out, probably.