In which Rob and Dave argue about Corey

Monday night, I posted an item in this space about Jesus Montero. I hardly predicted that Montero’s finally going to become a star, but I did suggest he’d give the Mariners more from the DH slot than they’ve gotten this season from Corey Hart and a cast of castoffs. Which led to a long exchange in a different space, which I will share with you here …

Well, it seems to me that depends on the knee injury. Of course the Mariners are in a good position to know if Hart’s injury really is somehow debilitating. He does seem to have hit in some tough luck. It just seems to me that if your DH’s have the worst numbers in the league by a ton, you might want to see if the 24-year-old with power in Triple-A — and yeah, I do get park effects — might be able to help a little bit, at least against left-handed pitching. But you know, Dave’s been burned by a ton of young M’s hitters, these last few years. We can excuse his pessimism.

And yes, I’m giving myself the last word. It’s one of the privileges of power.