Tarasenko: ‘We don’t do enough, and we need to fix it and play better’

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Vladimir Tarasenko: "It is only the start of the season. There is no panic over here. ... We need to help our goalies, we can't leave them on 2-on-0s when we play power play or some stuff like that. This is just unacceptable."

[ICE CRACKLING] - --play like this, you know? Like, they would have really-- like, really skilled lineup. And you know, they can make plays. And I think we can, you know, play a little bit less fancy some moments, just put it deep, and-- like I said, just being like, honorable to each other. And you know, we have a long, long season to do what we want here. But again, me and all of us, really, are happy with the first two games. And you know, we will try to play better.

JOURNALIST: Vladimir, in your second goal, do you think it went in before the horn sounded?

- No, I mean, I don't think. I just-- it's come quick. And I just feel bad I didn't put it in clear. But you know, whatever. It's like, it's nice-- nice to score first goals at home. But you know, losing sucks. So it's not-- not really matter right now.

JOURNALIST: I know you're more worried about the loss, but what a nice pass there, by the way.

- I know. There is always will be a nice place, you know, in our eyes. And you know, we have a lot of skilled players who can make really nice passes. And Patty's one of those. It's really, you know, great hockey sense, great play.

But you know, great plays stay great plays. But they can be more better if you win the game. So I mean, it's mean we don't do enough. And you know, we need to fix it and you know, play better.

JOURNALIST: Vlad, on a positive, are you happy with the way the power play's moving the puck around? And you guys scored a couple goals. But obviously, you created some momentum when you didn't.

- I feel like last year we just, you know, wanted too much. Like, rush some tough passes. Now we just try to play, you know, for each other, just find open ice passes, and you know, get some confidence going and-- and you know, you can't win if you don't score power plays. We understand this. And understand the responsibility.

Just because some guys go out and play only PK, and they block the shots for us, so we need to go out and score. So that's really a huge part of every team's success. And that's what we're working on here.

JOURNALIST: What do you think led to the defensive breakdowns? I mean, nine goals against in the first two games here, Vlad?

- Like I said, it's only start of the season. Like, there is no panic over here. And we have, you know, a good coaching staff. So we will talk over it. And we'll talk over in the locker room. And like I said, we need to help our goalies. We can't leave them on, like, toenails when we play power play or some stuff like this. This is just unacceptable.

JOURNALIST: Do you at least take some consolation it looks like the offense is starting to get in gear--

- What consolation means? Second prize, satisfaction?

- No, no. No, no, what else? Any other?

JOURNALIST: Vlad, your take on playing with Ryan O'Reilly, and just in terms of you guys-- the chemistry you guys are developing between the two of you here, in the early going?

- You know, we started playing with the Patty and Ryan from day one in training camp. And just not clicking right away, like, from first practice. But you know, we spent lot of times talking.

So you can see, I think, in a game from upstairs. Like, we're producing more and more scoring chances, so we get more like, feeling about where we are in their eyes, and like, what's our roles, in our eyes. So you know, we just try to endure the game through the hard work, and you know, do everything we can to help the team win.