Pat Maroon: ‘We’ve got to find ways to come together as a group and a unit’

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Pat Maroon says he's giving his first Panger Award to his fiancé's father, an avid bobblehead collector: "This is going to be in the Charlie Gitto's downtown restaurant, I guarantee you that."

- Well, Scott and Birdy, thank you very much. It is that time of the night. And it is time for our Urban Chestnut Player of the Week award. We've only played two games, of course. Opened the season against the Winnipeg Jets. And tonight we go up against the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm gonna put that stick together there.

I'm happy to give this to the local boy right here. Wearing a St. Louis blue sweater for the first time. Number 7. Walt Tkachuk's number as well. So congratulations on this. I know there's-- like it when there's some wins there, Patty, but no win, but you get to take home this little fellow for you.

- Thanks. I'm glad I get to take this thing home. You look sharp there, Panger.

- Big or sharp?

- Sharp. No, you're not big by any means.

- Good point. Well, hopefully you win many more of these as a member of the St. Louis Blues here. Patty, this game, was it perfect for you? A kid that grew up in St. Louis, watching this rivalry develop, and then get a chance on home ice to face off against them in only your second game here?

- Yeah, this was. Obviously, it's a big rivalry. And playing against them always-- when you play the Blackhawks, it's always a team that you always get out for. If you don't get out for those games then you shouldn't be in this league.

And for me it's, I always get up against the Blackhawks. It's a fun team to play against. And I matchup pretty well with them in my physicality and my big play [INAUDIBLE]. So it was a fun game tonight. Too bad we got the loss, but I think we're moving in the right direction right now.

REPORTER: Well, on one of the plays-- you had two assists in this game and were an integral part in the offense. The one that you didn't get an assist on you, you deserved an assist. If they got one for hitting a player and taking him off the puck or forcing the play. That hit on Brent Seabrook was-- those are two big boys going at it there.

- Yeah, they are. Seabrook's a really big man. And sometimes he gets me coming down the boards in the D zone. But I had the opportunity to have a lick on him and it turn into a big time goal coming down. And [INAUDIBLE] made a great play to Vladi. And obviously, when you get Vladi that close, he's going to find a way to put the put in the net.

So, you know, that's my game, Panger. Is just get in, create some space for my linemates and hopefully good things happen.

- Well, good things happen. I know that you mentioned building blocks. And I guess as a team, you leave this game after being disappointed in game 1. Even though, you had a ton of shots and chances against Winnipeg, it just didn't go your way.

But you're seeing maybe the cohesion and the chemistry, and the communication, just improving with every moment?

- Yeah, I think so. I think guys are trying to find their way and new faces, obviously. But we're not going to be able to use that here coming soon. So we've got to find ways to come together as a group and a unit. And I think just one thing, we need to just talk more in the D zone and sharpen up more in the D zone. I think we can break out a little cleaner.

I think if we're a little faster in that zone-- we all know we have offensive power. We all know we can score goals, but I think if we clean up a little things, like in the D zone, help out our goal ethnic. We're going to be a really, really strong team. So I'm excited for this year. Obviously two losses, but we're going to find ways.

- Well, you can take this little fella home. You can talk to him anytime you want or you can bring it home for Anthony. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

- Yeah, he would appreciate it. You know who really is going to appreciate this? My fiance's dad. He collects bobble heads.

- No kidding, huh?

- This is going to be in the Charlie Gittoes downtown restaurant. I guarantee you that.

- I love that. That sounds good. Free pasta for Panger. I love it. Thanks big boy.

- Anytime, Panger. Thank you.

- Appreciate it. Patty's our Urban Chestnut Player of Week award winner. Fellas, back to you.