Seven reasons the Blues win the Stanley Cup: Fans

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The seventh and final reason the Blues will win the Stanley Cup? YOU.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - All right, Blues fans. It is almost that time. The Blues season is almost under way. Now, I am actually at one of the new viewing areas just outside the Biergarten here at the Enterprise Center. And we're talking about the seven reasons why the Blues might actually bring that Stanley Cup to St. Louis.

Well, we can't talk about Stanley Cup season without talking about the fans-- yes, you. That excitement is just through the roof with Blues fans right now. This could be one of the best seasons in Blues history.

The fans know that. The players know that. And that excitement from the fans is, no doubt, transferring over to the players.

This arena is going to be absolutely bumping this season for every home game. So make sure that you are watching the Blues against the Winnipeg Jets. The season kicks off Thursday, October 4, right here at the Enterprise Center.