Seven reasons the Blues win the Cup: Youth

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The Blues, who were without an AHL affiliate last season, now have a dedicated affiliate in the San Antonio Rampage, which will help in the development of a great group of prospects -- reason No. 5 the Blues will win the Stanley Cup.

- All right, Blues fans, the season is just around the corner. It is happening October 4, here at the Enterprise Center. I'm coming to you now from the new beer garden inside, and it is looking fantastic and ready for the season to kick off as well.

One of the things we're talking about is the seven reasons why the Blues and the Stanley Cup just might happen this year. And you got to look at the young players. And one of the factors will be the San Antonio Rampage, which will be great for the development of these young players. You get the same coaching. You get the same players that you're used to playing with down there. It's going to make life so much easier.

Jordan Kyrou, Robert Thomas could break camp with the Blues or with the AHL affiliate. We'll have to wait and see of course. Dominik Bokk, Klim Kostin, several guys that could make contributions this year. We're excited to see just how well these young players perform.

Now, make sure that you watch October 4, as the Blues take on the Winnipeg Jets here at the Enterprise Center.