Carp on leading NL in homers: ‘I’m really not trying to hit home runs at all’

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Matt Carpenter leads the NL with 29 homers, but he says he's not even trying to them. He has three in the last three games.

- All right, Jim. Thanks.

Matt Carpenter, another series win. The first time this year you guys have won three straight series in a row. Seems really on a roll right now.

- Man, yeah, for sure. And against some really good teams-- Cubs, Pirates, and Rockies, all teams we're chasing, all teams that are in it. Man, we're just playing baseball right now, putting pressure on the defense, a lot of base runners, having great at-bats top to bottom. Pitches been great. Bullpen's been great. It's been a fun little run.

- Everybody talks about the salsa. You get another home run-- career high now in home runs. But can you just kind of analyze, if you will, what's going through with you on offense right now?

- You know, I just got a really good approach at the plate right now that I'm sticking to every time I go out there. You know, I'm really trying to-- I'm really not trying to hit home runs at all. I mean, they're coming like on their own. Just really trying to go out there and have good at-bats, get good swings on the ball, try to hit the ball hard. And things are happening for me.

- How about Jack Flaherty today?

- Unbelievable. Today we needed a big game out of him. A chance to win the series against-- a huge series, one that we needed to win. Jack came out, threw the ball great, set the tone early, and really-- really proud of the way he threw the ball.

- Matt, thanks. Go enjoy it.

- Thank you, [INAUDIBLE].

- All right.