Adam Wainwright on dealing with teammates being traded

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Adam Wainwright on the business of baseball: "That's the hardest thing about what we do for a living, is that you can come up through the minors with somebody and play with them for 10 years and then the next day they're gone and you never see them again."

- Adam Wainwright has been around the Cardinals a long, long time. He's seen trade deadlines come, trade deadlines go. When there are trades, that means some teammates are sent elsewhere. New faces come in. What can that do to a club house?

- Well, depends on who you get, doesn't it? And depends on who leaves. So, you know, Tommy, we know we're losing a good competitor. And Tyler, we know we're losing a good competitor, good friend. And all these guys that are leaving are going to go somewhere and hopefully have great careers.

But you know, with baseball, one of the things that's the hardest thing about what we do for a living is that one day, you know, you could come up through the minors with somebody and play with them for 10 years, and then the next day they're gone, and you never see them again almost, except for very shortly across the field stuff.

So it's just a very finite game, and we get the privilege to play it for as long as we do here in St. Louis or wherever we get to play. And you know, the guys that are coming here, they're in for a treat. Because these fans are going to embrace them, I know.

- What's your level of optimism that you can cross all the T's and dot all the I's and get back and contribute to this ball club?

- Well, I've made every checkpoint so far. So I'm going to keep my head down and keep working, and we'll see where it leads us.

- How much credit do you take for Matt carpenter's offensive binge? Well, we work on his swing quite a bit, you know, down in the cage, and mirror stuff.

- know you're an offensive juggernaut. But we're talking, obviously, about the salsa and the fact that you planted this magical garden at his home.

- Matt Holliday reached out to me the other day and said, are you going to tell people that you're the original salsa guy? And you know, I've been bringing salsa in the clubhouse for years. But Carp made that salsa, and it's darn good. So I'm proud of him.

Now, I mean, he won't tell me the recipe. But it tastes exactly like mine. And I know everything that's planted in there, because I planted all of it. So there's no secrets.

- How are you in home renovation? Because I could use sort of a man cave in my basement.

- I wouldn't destroy things. And I have proper tools, which is the big thing about home renovation, is having the proper tools. I mean, that is a big thing if you're doing any work. So I wouldn't mess it up, but I probably wouldn't make it very much better, either.

- I'll bet it would be great. Thank you.

- I'd do better building you a garden.

- All right, well we'll wait until the woodworking.

- You want a garden?

- No, I'm good.

- I'll build you a garden.

- I'm good. I'm going to send it back to the studio.

- OK.