Miles Mikolas: ‘I’m pumped’ to be an All-Star

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Miles Mikolas: "It's going to be a dream come true to represent the Cardinals at the All-Star Game."

REPORTER: Hi, Miles. You said last week you'd be just as happy to be at home with your family during the all-star break as you want to be named an all-star. But now it's official. What was your reaction when you found out the news?

- I'm pumped. I'm super excited to be a part of it. I think it's great for me and my family and it's going to be a dream come true to represent the Cardinals at the all-star game. Growing up watching those games, the spring training games and now going to get to represent him at this game, I think it's a dream come true.

REPORTER: It was-- you were sort of an unknown before you came here. You spent time in Japan, but how do you sort of explain the success you've had that you can translate from the time you spent in Japan here with the Cardinals?

- I'd like to say just working hard and learning everything I can from everyone that was over in Japan and remembering the things that I learned back here and just continuing to work on everything and never be happy with even a good season or be happy with a good game. Because I think I can always be a little bit better. So just always working to be just a little bit better, and then it kind of just adds up over a long period of time.

And then to get to where I am now, I think that that speaks to all the hard work. And everyone that's helped me along the way-- trainers, coaches-- obviously, number one overall my wife, my daughter always being right there by my side.

REPORTER: Going back to a year ago to this day when you're in Japan, what was going through your mind about your career and where you wanted to be?

- I wanted to be back here in the United States, but there was a point at which I would have been very happy just being successful in Japan for the rest of my career. I know some guys that have been over there for six, seven, eight years and they've had great careers there. They've made a great living for their families and they've been able to retire comfortably when they're done playing.

So I just want to play as long as I could anywhere I can. I just want to play and have fun.

REPORTER: What success did you foresee for yourself when you came back? Did you see this being a possibility?

- I think everybody would say, yeah, you know? If everything clicks and I have a good season, and a couple balls fall my way and I get a couple of calls here and there, maybe get lucky and the stars align that it's possible.

But my first thought going into the season was just to do anything I can to help the team. And my goal was just to throw a lot of innings.

REPORTER: You have a all-star memory from childhood watching the games?

- No. Just kind of like everybody else. As a kid, you usually watch the Home Run Derby and then the game you kind of just hang out through.

REPORTER: What do you anticipate the experience being like?

- I'm excited for it. Being on the field, you get to goof around and have fun with guys. It's just kind of right in my ballpark, so I think it will be a lot of fun.