Tommy Pham on Miles Mikolas: ‘He’s been an All-Star’

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Tommy Pham on collecting three RBIs in the St. Louis Cardinals' victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks: "I've been having a tough time coming through with men in scoring position lately, and I'm just happy tonight I broke out of it."

[MUSIC PLAYING] - All right, guys. Thanks. Joined by Tommy Pham. Now, Tommy, your first three hit night since May 18th. Couple of RBIs, as well. Three on the night. Uh, just your thought about being able to capitalize in the situation, especially against a guy from the Diamondbacks that's been near unhittable for them this season.

- Um, just happy I could come through for the team there. You know, I've been having a tough time coming through within a scoring position lately, and I'm just happy, tonight, I broke out of it.

- Yairo Muñoz lead off the seventh inning with a solo home run. It ended up to be a five run inning. Just your thought about perhaps that was the spark offensively that the team needed in this one tonight.

- Yeah. That was a big at bat by him, because, you know, it gave us momentum, and I believe that this is a momentum game. And, um, you know, once he got that home run, we capitalized on that inning.

- Six innings, three strikeouts for Miles Mikolas tonight. Another solid performance from him. Saved a bit of his bacon there in the bottom of the third in a traffic jam. Just how good has he been, and how fun is it playing defense behind him?

- He's been an all-star. You know, tonight, I think it really shows how good he is, because I didn't feel like he had his best stuff. He didn't have his best command yet. He gave us a quality start.

- Thanks for your time, Tommy.

- Thank you.

- All right, guys.