Which Cardinals player is least likely to pick up the check?

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Adam Wainwright isn't going to out any of his teammates for not picking up checks at dinner, but he knows who's paying when he's in attendance: "When I'm at dinner, I'm buying it. Me or Yadi are buying it."

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Any of these guys, they don't want-- I've been there. You hide from the check.

- Some of the younger guys, obviously, I came up with, I think we all kind of have some good fun. We play a game called Credit Card Roulette occasionally. Where you give your credit card to the waitress. And she blindly picks out one basically out of the hat.

- We went out to eat last night, and Luke Weaver did not throw his card in there, so I might have to call out Luke Weaver.

- I like the Weaver pick. But I'll choose Carson Kelly. He always seems to not want to take it. But he looses in Credit Card Roulette more than anybody. But he's reluctant to pay.

- I've seen guys throw their hotel key in. You know they don't really want to throw their credit card in.

- Luke Weaver.

- I'm going to say Weaver because I know Weaver past of like buying and selling stuff trying to make money that way. I'm guessing that he's a pretty frugal guy, which you know is not a bad thing. But with his history that I've heard about, I think he's probably a pretty good candidate for that.

- I don't know. I think that question to me is-- well, I haven't got enough information with time. I think as that goes along, some of these answers are coming from guys who have seen it. So I don't want to speak out of line and just make assumptions on not enough Intel.

- When I'm at dinner, I'm buying it. You know me or Yadi are buying it usually. So I don't pay attention to who's not buying it.

COMMENTATOR: Does that go to cable guys who might be in the corner somewhere?

- If you are in the restaurant, I'll seek you out, and I'll buy you dinner.


COMMENTATOR: [INAUDIBLE] chewed me out. [LAUGHS] How about that?

Now we heard it seems pretty obvious that Luke Weaver is that guy. Now I understand back in 2000s, you were the guy.

- What do you mean? I didn't bring my wallet anywhere. Just in case, you never know, that Credit Card Roulette gets really, really scary. Fortunately, just like Adam and Yadi. By the way, I've got to hit them up for dinner because they say they are buying all the time.

But fortunately we had a great group of veterans that took care of the young guys. But that's a real thing, getting a little nervous. You're making good money over there, but it's still scary to buy dinner for everybody. Nobody wants to do that. I'm with you Weave, I get it. First rounder though. First rounder.

- BT is throwing in that hotel card.