Jim Hayes visits Carson Kelly, Luke Voit and Jack Flaherty’s spring training residence

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Jim Hayes stops by Carson Kelly, Luke Voit and Jack Flaherty's spring training residence and finds out more about Fortnite, apple cider vinegar and who's taking out the trash.

- Every spring training, we like to stop by some Cardinals spring training homes and do sort of an "MTV Cribs." We're told that this is the spring training residence of Carson Kelly, Luke Voit, and Jack Flaherty. So let's see if they're home. Hey, you guys. You're here.

- Hey.

- And you happen to have microphones on.

- Yeah, right?

- What a coincidence.

CARSON KELLY: Pretty weird. Come on in. Whatever you're feeling.

JIM HAYES: I've got to say, this place is nice.

CARSON KELLY: Not bad, right?

- What's the video game of choice?


- You don't play?

JACK FLAHERTY: I don't play this with them, not at all. I kind of sit back and like to watch, though.

CARSON KELLY: This is Fortnite. Fortnite. And it's the new hot game. It's for free. You can download it on your Xbox, Playstation, or PC.

- Look, you're not supposed to be doing commercials on our air waves. You guys play your video game for a second. We're going to snoop. We always like to look at the food. I got cherry tomatoes, grapes. What's that with the apple cider vinegar? You have a lot of that. What's that about? Is that like a health thing?

- That's like a real thing.

JIM HAYES: So you do shots of apple cider vinegar?

- In the morning, yeah.

- Do you do it?

- Not really. Occasionally.

- I'll put it in a smoothie or something.

- That's better.

- All right. I want to see the bedrooms. Let's see what you got, how you're living. All three rooms are almost identical.

- They're the same size.

JIM HAYES: And there's not one guy that has--

CARSON KELLY: Same size. That's it.

JIM HAYES: Look at this.

JACK FLAHERTY: It must be nice.

- It has a walk in closet that's as big as an apartment in there.

JACK FLAHERTY: My bed made it into his closet.

CARSON KELLY: This is Jack's bed.

- My bed made it into his closet.

- Who's bedroom is this?

- This is mine.

- Carson Kelly. How did you get the-- well, let's see. Let's check the others because I'm sure they're the same. All right. Not a walk in closet Who's is this?

LUKE VOIT: This is mine.

- I've got to say, you've got a lot of footwear, but everything is neatly hung up.


- Are you a tidy guy?

- Yeah.

- Who's the slob in here? Is there one?


- No trash taken out yet.

- You've never asked.

- See, he's the guy who waits for stuff that we have, wait till things have to happen, then it happens.

- You don't have to be asked when things need to be done. Well, I'm sure your room is just as good.

- I had to bring a bed in. I had to bring a bed.

- I'll be honest. I wouldn't take out the trash either.

- Like I said, my bed is in Carson's room. There's a little twin bed in here.

JIM HAYES: I've got to say, so I assume you pay more rent, you pay a little more, and you don't take out the trash and pay almost nothing. You're the youngest guy.

- That makes me the sloppiest of them.

- Well, we appreciate you showing us around. I thought we'd just hang for a while and just kind of talk shop and stuff, and just share--

- I think you kind of got to get out of here.

JIM HAYES: We've got to go. I thought maybe we could get some take out or order some food.

CARSON KELLY: I mean, we like to have guests around. But when you can show up unwelcomed, like we need you to get out. We need you to get out.

JIM HAYES: Well, we appreciate the tour. I hope eventually everyone does their share in terms of the chores. And-- all right, I'm gone.

- Bye, Jim.

- Bye, Jim. Have a great day.