Francisco Peña: ‘I take a lot of pride when I’m catching’

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Francisco Peña: "I really think about more my catching than my hitting -- just try to get those guys through five, six innings and then get the bullpen to take the rest."

[OPENING SOUND EFFECTS] - Done a great job at the plate, as well. Hit .375 during the most recent home stand. A lot of credit for your work with the pitchers. But what do you-- how are you succeeding at the plate right now?

- To be honest, I'm just trying to see the ball and hit it. I'm not trying to do too much. And my mentality is, just take care of my pitching staff, and help my pitchers feel comfortable with me behind the plate.

And you know, coming from Yanni, coming from my dad, coming from all the coaches, we got to take a lot of pride when we catch. That's what I do. I take a lot of pride when I'm catching. And I really think about more my catching than my hitting, just try to get those guys through five, six innings. And then, get to the bullpen, take the rest.

- We take a lot of pride in what the starting rotation has done over the last couple weeks, because you've been back there a majority of those games.

- Yeah, take a lot of pride. And, like I said, as a catcher, you want your guys to feel comfortable with you, and want to throw to you. When you see that happen, that's real good.

- Big series coming up. Big week, really, when you consider these games against the Pirates and the Brewers. What's the mentality? Is there a little bit of a sense of urgency, even though it is only May?

- Um, just play inning by inning, pitch by pitch, game by game. Not try to do too much. Just have fun. When you have fun, good things are going to happen.

- All right. Stay healthy.

- Thank you. Thank you very much.

- Francisco Pena. Jim, back to you.