Yeah, you saw Steve Ott’s face before he became a Blue — in ‘Dodgeball’

Steve Ott's resemblance to Steve the Pirate first became evident when Ott was a Dallas Star.



ST. LOUIS — When the St. Louis Blues made their big trade late last month, they probably didn’t know they were trading for a famous pirate.

Steve Ott, the forward acquired from Buffalo along with goalie Ryan Miller, bears a striking resemblance to the character Steve the Pirate from the 2004 movie "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story."

That became a source of many laughs for the Blues on the team bus Saturday night following their 4-1 win in Nashville, and then quickly became a hot topic for Blues players and fans on Twitter.

Jaden Schwartz and Ian Cole then both retweeted Alex Pietrangelo’s tweet to their followers. Pietrangelo has 37,700 followers, while Cole has 23,900 and Schwartz has 16,400.

Ott, who has more than 83,000 followers on Twitter, quickly joined in on the fun with his teammates.

Then he offered an alternative doppelganger on Twitter.

People obviously love pirates. And Steve the Pirate, played by actor Alan Tudyk, does look remarkably like Steve Ott with longer hair.

"We thought it was the funniest thing," Pietrangelo said. "We were sitting there saying that he looked like Steve the Pirate. He said to me, ‘I’ve heard that before. It’s not that funny.’ So he came back with Dierks Bentley. I said his comparison looked better, but mine was funnier."

Ott, who has two points in eight games with the Blues, said the comparison goes back "10 years ago" when he was a youngster with the Dallas Stars and the movie starring Vince Vaughn arrived in theaters. But he was able to laugh about it with his new teammates.

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"Absolutely," Ott said Monday. "Having fun with your teammates is where things lead to on the ice. I’m a big believer of having a good time and trying to be a good teammate with the boys."

Pietrangelo said it was good fun to have a new guy come in and be able to joke around like that.

Asked if Ott took it well, Petro said: "I think so. He hasn’t come after me yet."

After all, you don’t really want to mess with a pirate.

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