Unzipped Holliday gives new meaning to ‘Big Fly’

Two seasons ago, Matt Holliday had a moth problem. Now, he’s got a fly problem.

Holliday stepped to the plate in the sixth inning Thursday night against the Cubs and crushed a 418-foot home run. The big left fielder, no stranger to home runs, made it look as easy as ABC, 123 … but he forgot to XYZ — as in his zipper.

That’s right, even big leaguers forget to zip, just like us. But for most of us, it doesn’t happen in front of potentially millions of people. So when Holliday took his cut, he did so with his fly open. And it stayed that way for his trip around the bases.

“You have to go to the bathroom during the game sometimes,” Holliday told MLB.com blogger Jenifer Langosch after the Cardinals’ 6-1 win, “and forgot to zip back up.”

His teammates were quick to notice the mishap, and gave him quite the razzing during the home run high-five line when he returned to the dugout.

At least there were no health concerns on this one, unlike the night nearly two years ago when he had to come out of the game when a moth flew into his ear.

As for the open fly, if it worked once, why not try it again?

“I thought about the next at-bat, but you know, it’s a family game,” Holliday said. “There are kids in the stands. I don’t want to promote that kind of thing. But if I get in a place where I need to pull out a trick, no pun intended . . .”