Top food additions to Busch Stadium menu

There are some new edible additions around Busch Stadium this season and we will picked out a few food creations fans should be mindful of when hunger strikes in the bottom of the second inning.


Chicken Bites
Chicken bites are pretty hard to mess up, yet some restaurants still manage to focus more on the breading than the actual meat. These little guys are bursting with flavor yet still give you a healthy amount of the chicken that surly will keep you coming back. And the best part about this dish? Sweet Baby Ray’s is the sauce behind the zing. That’s right, THE Sweet Baby Ray’s. So sweet. So delicious. Choose from BBQ, Buffalo or Teriyaki and let the feast begin.  Location: Section 135


Four-hand Nachos
The Cardinals sell more nachos than any other team in the big leagues. Take pride in that, Cardinal Nation. The four-hand nacho platter is nothing to mess around with. The chips are made fresh in-house every day and topped with Monterey Jack cheese sauce. Is your mouth starting to water yet? Treat. Yo. Self. Fun fact: When the Cardinals opened Busch Stadium in 2006, the nacho chips served at concession stands around the ballpark were all homemade. That lasted a whopping two days.  Location: Section 135


Bavarian Bratwurst
Bun from Fazio’s. Brat from G & W Meat. That’s as St. Louis as a bratwurst can get. Nom nom nom! Location: Section 135


Cheeseburger Stuffed with Mac n Cheese
That’s right. Mac n Cheese INSIDE the burger. And don’t forget the pretzel bun. No words do this burger justice. Give your belly what it deserves when watching a ballgame in Baseball Heaven. Location: Section 135


St. Louis Horseshoe
Located at Dizzy’s Diners across the ballpark, this will surely create internal debates when a foul ball comes flying in your section. Dive for the ball and risk losing my horseshoe? Nah, let the kid have it. This is one mean dish. Location: Sections 139, 161 and 446

Other Popular Food Stops
-St. Louis Barbecue Bacon Dog: Sections 133, 168 and the Redbird Club
-Build Your Own Nachos: Sections 131, 151 and the Redbird Club
-The Asian Café: Gate 1
-The Carvery: Gate 2
-Sliders and Fries: Section 148
-Coke Island (popcorn): Gate 1