Star Wars Night at Busch Stadium produces some interesting new characters

The St. Louis Cardinals have taken the phrase “fun at the old ballpark” to a whole new galaxy — a galaxy far, far away, to be exact.

Busch Stadium was transformed with “Star Wars”-themed sights and sounds Wednesday night when the Cardinals battled the Dodgers.

Jeff Roberson/Associated Press

Fans were able to buy a special Star Wars theme ticket and with the purchase received their very own Star Wars Cardinals T-shirt along with the satisfaction of knowing a portion of each ticket sold went to benefit Stand Up to Cancer.

Things got a little weird when Fredbird, Darth Vader and friends started doing the Gangnam Style dance in center field.

But it wasn’t just the fans who were able to enjoy the fun. Members of the FOX Sports Midwest production team put together some rather interesting interpretations of current Cardinals players fused with Star Wars characters. (See if you can figure out the character and the player before looking at the caption below each image.)


Mace Windu + Adam Wainwright = Ace Waindu


Bib Fortuna + Ricky Horton = Bib Hortuna


Boba Fett + Matt Carpenter = Boba Matt


C-3PO + Carlos Beltran = C3B-Tran


Chewbacca + Al Hrabosky = Hchewbosky


Darth Vader + Don Denkinger = Darth Denkinger
(Yeah, some grudges last forever.)


Jar Jar Binks + Joe Kelly = Joe Joe Binks


Han Solo + Jon Jay = Jon Solo


Luke Skywalker + Michael Wacha = Luke Skywacha


Qui-Gon Jinn + Lance Lynn = Qui-Gon Lynn


Obi-Wan Kenobi + Shelby Miller = Shelby-Wan Kenobi
(This one was a lot more fun before Miller took that liner off his elbow.)

Princess Leia + Kayla = Princess Kaleia

Padme/Queen Amidala + Teryn = Teryme Amidala


Yoda + Yadier Molina = Yodi

Unfortunately, lightsaber wavers and Wookie mask wearers did nothing for the Cardinals on the field. Nope, not one bit. Starting pitcher Shelby Miller was knocked from the game just two pitches in after a line drive off the bat of the Dodgers’ Carl Crawford struck him on his pitching elbow. That unfortunate situation resulted in the Cardinals using their next-day starter, Jake Westbrook, and St. Louis was eventually defeated 13-4.

It was clear the Force was not with the Cardinals on this particular night. But at least their fans had a good time, which is a positive considering the time of game was a cool 3 hours, 47 minutes. A long one it was.