Rams welcoming Foles into the fold as offseason progresses

Nick Foles (center) and the rest of the Rams reported for the offseason on April 20.

Jeff Roberson/AP

ST. LOUIS — In their pre-draft press conference Tuesday at Rams Park, general manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher provided several updates about personnel already wearing the blue and gold, including quarterback Nick Foles, acquired this offseason from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Sam Bradford.

"We’re very excited about what we’ve seen here in the last week and a half with Nick and what he’s done in the offseason program," Fisher said. "I think we’re better at the position. We’re healthy right now and there’s some good things ahead as far as that’s concerned."

The Rams’ offseason program started April 20 and had 100 percent attendance, according to Fisher. He said Foles was right in the middle of it, and excited about meeting all the younger players. He’s also had some sessions throwing the ball with the guys; the offseason program gives offensive players permission to do so without the coaches on the field.

"Nick’s reports are that those sessions have been great," Fisher said. "He’s had three or four sessions with the guys."

Fisher also confirmed the Rams are still interested in bringing back offensive tackle Joe Barksdale, who’s been exploring the free-agent market.

"He played some good football for us," Fisher said.  

Fisher also sounded positive about the progress being made by wide receiver Brian Quick, whose 2014 season was cut short last October with a torn rotator cuff and separated shoulder.  

"I saw Brian this morning, and he’s very, very encouraged," Fisher said. "From a timing standpoint, it’s camp, it’s OTAs potentially, with protection, but I don’t think there’s going to be an issue with him missing — at this point — with him missing much time in camp."

"We’ve got a basketball gym back there, that, about a month or two ago, I saw him dunk a basketball," Snead chimed in.

"You might not like that, Coach," the GM added.

"With his other arm," Fisher clarified.

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