Now that the foundation’s laid for Thursday’s draft, Rams can start fine-tuning

Coach Jeff Fisher complimented the 2015 draft class, calling it "loaded at some positions, specifically some positions that we need." 

Joe Camporeale/Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

ST. LOUIS — According to Rams general manager Les Snead, the Rams’ draft board is essentially set. 

Sort of.

"Pretty much. Foundation is there," Snead said Tuesday. "You may nudge a guy half an inch or two on the board, but a lot of it is fine-tuning scenarios, best fits, all kinds of things." 

Coach Jeff Fisher said the Rams started the process a bit earlier than in the past.

"We’ve taken some quality time putting it together," he said. "There’s still some things we need to look at, some minor adjustments we need to make, but it’s there.  And so I think at this point we’re pretty much looking at the different scenarios."

The research the team has invested, as to be expected, was substantial.

"I asked our computer people last night — you basically take every bit of information you’ve got, you put it on a page in a PDF, and you put in on a big screen, and you talk about that piece of information," Snead said. "I said, ‘How many pages did we go through?’ and they said it’s over 8,000 pages over the last three weeks of information."

Fisher said the draft class is "loaded at some positions, specifically some positions that we need." Snead, however, declined to elaborate further on those positions during that part of the conversation.

Outside speculation has been more forthcoming. The Rams have plenty of room for newcomers on their offensive line, and their wide receiver corps may benefit from the addition of an Amari Cooper (Alabama) or a Kevin White (West Virginia), should those players be available at the 10th spot.  

When asked directly, Snead acknowledged there were quality offensive linemen in this draft. He was also asked about the wide receiver class and described it as a "good crop." 

"There’s going to be some (wide receivers) drafted in this first round, and even in the second round, and probably later that are going to make plays," Snead said.   

Until Thursday, however, it all remains speculation. 

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