Cardinals pay tribute to Reynolds’ wall-splattering catch in Milwaukee

It might be hard to tell, but the photo on the left is the real-life Mark Reynolds crashing into the wall and the photo on the right is just a tape figure with a great head of hair. 

ST. LOUIS — Miller Park was not kind to the St. Louis Cardinals over the weekend, and the team has several new aches and pains to prove it. 

On Friday night, seven-time Gold Glove catcher Yadier Molina was working behind the plate and took a foul ball off his right knee, forcing the perennial All-Star to miss the next two games. Adam Wainwright tore his Achilles tendon on Saturday while batting and will miss the entire season. And if that wasn’t bad enough, newly acquired right fielder Jason Heyward had to leave Sunday’s game with a groin issue. (He was able to pinch-hit Monday, however.) It was a painful three games, but the Cardinals still managed to win two of three and take the series from the Brew Crew. 

Lost in all of the injury news, however, was a fantastic play made by Mark Reynolds in left field on Sunday. 

In the bottom of the seventh with no outs and the Cardinals down 6-2, Brewers outfielder Gerardo Parra scorched a ball deep to left. Reynolds, it should be noted, is primarily a corner infielder and was making his first-ever start in left field. And you know that old sports cliche, "The ball will find you"? Well, it did.

Reynolds tracked the deep fly to his left, spun around, snagged the ball and crashed into the left-field wall. And down he went. You can watch the full impact on, but this photo pretty much sums it up:

Mark Reynolds making his spectacular grab at Miller Park. 

Spin. Catch. Wall. Splat. 

Matt Holliday, perhaps knowing the team could use a little pick-me-up with the news officially dropping about Wainwright’s season being over, made a nice tribute to the catch on the wall at Busch Stadium on Monday. FOX Sports Midwest’s Jim Hayes asked the normal left fielder why he did it, to which he replied, "Why not?" No. 7 was also quite proud of his handiwork, and rightfully so. 

Naturally, Reynolds took the glorious tape look-alike in stride, telling Hayes jokingly that Holliday’s antics were "bush league" because it was a "spectacular catch." 

Well done, Mr. Holliday. St. Louis needed a laugh.  

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