Rams RB moonlights as sandwich maker

RG III has his Subway. Former Baylor Bears teammate and current St. Louis Rams running back Terrance Ganaway has his Jimmy John’s.

In a time when athletes and their agents spend the offseason finding endorsement deals for extra income, Ganaway found a second job making sandwiches.

The former Baylor 1,000-yard rusher took to Twitter in January in search of local Waco businesses hiring. When someone suggested Jimmy John’s, the process began.

Ganaway, who spent this season with the Rams after being released by the Jets, makes the league minimum $390,000, easily enough to survive. So why make sandwiches for minimum wage? He spoke with Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on that very subject.

“I just wanted to stay fit, stay out of trouble, and really just try to save money and not spend a lot of money,” he told the Post-Dispatch.

Ganaway told the Post-Dispatch that he maintains a strong workout regimen despite his work schedule, but also mentions that making sandwiches is not as easy as it sounds.

“Got to learn everything on the menu,” he said. “It’s something that I’m learning every day. You’ve got to know your sandwich.”

It’s admirable to see a professional athlete making headlines for saving money and trying to earn it the hard way. Although it may seem like a publicity stunt, Ganaway seems dedicated and honest in his reasons for the second job, as evidenced in a recent tweet.