Padres reliever gets revenge on Cards’ Wainwright for trashing locker

Blaine Boyer and Adam Wainwright are both from Georgia -- and both know how to pull off a pretty solid prank. 

Adam Wainwright had quite the Tuesday in San Diego.

A few weeks after expressing his distaste for social media at the All-Star Game, the Cardinals’ ace officially joined the 140-character-or-less world of Twitter. His new handle, @UncleCharlie50, is a nod to his trademark curveball, which he calls Uncle Charlie.

The tall righty gathered more than 27,000 followers in his first day on the social media site, with his first official Tweet getting 1,000 retweets and more than 2,300 favorites.

Clearly, a lot of people took notice of Wainwright’s Twitter debut. 

What you might have missed, however, is that Waino was up to no good in Ron Burgundy’s city the day before.

When the Cardinals arrived at Petco Park on Monday during their off day, Waino apparently decided to have a little fun with his good buddy and Padres reliever Blaine Boyer … by trashing his locker.

Boyer clearly got the last laugh.

Thank goodness this was all documented with Twitter. See, Waino? It’s not all that bad.