Mizzou sells shirt to honor first SEC victory

ST. LOUIS — The Missouri Tigers are having a hard time fitting in on the field during their first season in the SEC. They aren’t doing themselves any favors off the field either.
After recording their first SEC win Saturday — a 33-10 blowout of lowly Kentucky in Columbia — the Tigers decided to celebrate with a t-shirt.
For the bargain price of just $16.99, fans can purchase a commemorative t-shirt on the school’s official online store highlighting Missouri’s win over a Kentucky program that is 1-8 this year and among the worst of those in BCS conferences.
The win was historic — the Tigers’ first in the SEC since they joined the league this summer. But the historic victory isn’t mentioned anywhere on the shirt. Instead it proudly displays the date, location, score and the words, “CAGED THE CATS.”
But this wasn’t the first time SEC fans have objected to something done by Missouri or their fans since joining the league. Back in September, Missouri fans took out an ad in the Athens Banner Herald thanking Georgia fans for coming to Columbia and being, “a terrific bunch of visitors,” that were “friendly, gracious and fun,” during their SEC opener on Sept. 8.
The full color ad went on to say, “We don’t like to lose around here, but both of our teams played an undeniably exciting and awesome game! You gave us an unforgettable first game in the SEC, and we thank you for that. We hope you enjoyed your visit to mid-Missouri, and look forward to seeing you next time. Best wishes from the Fans and Residents of Tiger Town USA.”
The final price of the T-shirt comes to $26.21 when you add in a $7.00 fee for shipping and handling and $2.22 for tax. No word on whether or not a shirt is coming for Monday’s 91-58 basketball exhibition victory over Northwest Missouri State.
For a league built on heated rivalries and hatred, Missouri appears to have a lot to learn about this whole SEC thing.