Long snapper ready to showcase his popular skills

ST. LOUIS — Jorgen Hus remembers how many takes each snap required.

“The one off the house into the garbage can across the street was 16,” he said. “The one in the car was six. The can off the head was three.”

It took just one afternoon to create and upload one of YouTube’s few long snapping trick shot videos. It would go relatively unnoticed for about a year. Not anymore.

“After I signed here, like 6,000 people have watched it,” he said. “It was crazy. Within just a couple days.”

The 21-second clip shows Hus, a free agent long snapper who debuted with the St. Louis Rams at the team’s rookie minicamp on Friday, bent forward. From that position, he fires a football laser that removes a can off the top of a participant’s head; sinks a ball into a garbage bin from the roof of a house; nails the window of a moving car (followed by a stopped one); and splits the uprights from 20 yards outside of the end zone.

“It was pretty fun,” Hus said.

Fun indeed. But also a glimpse at why the Canadian football player from Saskatoon — a city in central Saskatchewan, Canada — has a chance to become the first NFL player from his hometown.

The 6-foot-1, 232-pound long snapper who recently wrapped up his Canadian Interuniversity Sport career with the University of Reginia Rams is more than just a increasingly popular internet hit. He could be legitimate contender for current Rams long snapper Jake McQuaide’s job. After all, Hus signed a deal with St. Louis without Rams’ coach Jeff Fisher even seeing his trick-shot video.

“I have not got to that point of the research yet,” Fisher said with a bit of an arched eyebrow when asked about the YouTube video Friday. “Someone told me he had like 25 tackles, or something like that. He’s an athletic guy that can go down and make plays. Their [Canadian football players] field is a little bigger, so he might be better in space.”

Maybe Hus gets cut after camp. Or, if he shows well, maybe he upends McQuaide — a roster move that would likely save the Rams a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Either way, the video really is too good to pass up.


Watch it.

Even you, Coach Fisher.