Juan Pablo shows up at Busch Stadium, takes heat for Cards’ 17-5 loss to Cubs

Sorry, Juan Pablo. There will be no rose for you in St. Louis.

Juan Pablo Galavis, "star" of the most recent season of ABC’s "The Bachelor," picked a bad night to stop in the Gateway City.

Why? Well, how do you say … stinker?

Because that’s what Monday night’s 17-5 loss to the Cubs was for the Cardinals. Much like Juan Pablo, the Cubs just couldn’t stop rounding the bases.

Sorry, Juan Pablo.

And things started out so well, too. Just look at who showed up to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches! Miss Missouri!

Coincidence!? Probably …

Erica Sturdefant wears the crown this year for the state of Missouri.

Some fans just couldn’t seem to get enough of Juan Pablo.

There were the creepers.

The bold.

And the unlucky.

What a night for Juan Pablo.