Jeff Fisher to USC? Rams coach squelches the rumors

ST. LOUIS — Jeff Fisher squashed the talk.

“That’s just absurd,” the St. Louis Rams coach said Wednesday. “They’re rumors.”

The “rumors” Fisher addressed include rumblings that the second-year Rams coach could be pursued by USC if the Trojans coach Lane Kiffin is fired.

Fisher, who played at USC and won a national championship there (1978 season), was initially linked to the college by Ted Miller, a college football writer for ESPN.

It would certainly make sense for USC to be interested in Fisher. But it would appear the former Trojan isn’t interested in being courted.

Kiffin is feeling pressure after a 10-7 loss to
Washington State. Kiffin is in his fourth season at USC (1-1), which was
knocked out of the Top 25 after getting held to 198 yards.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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