Cards ranked 10th most-valuable organization

How valuable are the Redbirds?

Tenth-most in the MLB, according to Forbes.

The business magazine recently released its annual list of the MLB’s most-valuable organizations, and while the Cardinals fell six spots short of beating their rival Cubs in the money game, they did land just inside the Top-10.

St. Louis has a current value of $716 million, a few dollars shy of what Forbes determined to be the worth of an average MLB team: a cool $744 million.

And those numbers are growing — by a 23 percent increase from last year —the magazine says.

Missouri’s other MLB team didn’t fare so well in the rankings. The Kansas City Royals, currently valued at $457 million, came in 29th out of the league’s 30 teams.

Here’s the Forbes Top-10:

1) New York Yankees: $2,300 million
2) Los Angeles Dodgers: $1,615 million
3) Boston Red Sox: $1,312 million
4) Chicago Cubs: $1,000 million
5) Philadelphia Phillies: $893 million
6) New York Mets: $811 million
7) San Francisco Giants: $786 million
8) Texas Rangers: $764 million
9) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: $718 million
10) St. Louis Cardinals: $716 million