Cardinals utility man delivered youngest son in a closet

The biggest catch of Ty Wigginton’s career didn’t happen on the baseball diamond, but rather in a closet.

That’s right. Twelve seasons in the big leagues playing numerous positions and yet the most glorious snag of the Cardinals’ utility man’s life happened in the same spot where he hangs his shirts and pants.

Back in December 2006 while at home in North Carolina, Wigginton was forced to deliver his youngest son, Cannon, in the closet after his wife went into labor prematurely.

“It happened pretty fast,” the 12-year MLB veteran told FOX Sports Midwest reporter Jim Hayes. “(I was) getting my oldest boy ready to be dropped off at the grandparents and my wife yells ‘get in here.’ I walk around the corner and have time to tell her to lie down and go call 911.

“Next thing you know I’m catching a baby and about 10 minutes later the EMT gets there.”

Delivering your son at home in a closet. No big deal  — but kind of a big deal. Is there a sabermetrics stat for that?