Costas defends his second shot at a first pitch on Fallon

Bob Costas explains to Jimmy Fallon why he deserved a redo -- certainly more so than 50 Cent.

Funny how a mulligan just doesn’t seem to be part of the equation when it comes to ceremonial first pitches.

Last August, longtime NBC Sports host and announcer Bob Costas threw out a first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals game. His toss to catcher A.J. Pierzynski sailed wide, so he asked for, and was granted, a second attempt. Stee-rike!

The next day, Costas was waiting for his luggage at Los Angeles International Airport when he found himself talking to a TMZ reporter and defending his right to a second first pitch. ("Second first pitch" does seem like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it?) Unlike rapper 50 Cent, who had thrown a horrible first pitch earlier in the season, Costas said he deserved a redo because "I knew I could do better."

The subject came up again Thursday night when Costas was on The Tonight Show Starring Jmmy Fallon to promote NBC’s coverage of the Super Bowl. Five months later, Costas still was on the defensive — even with a host who gushes over everybody — when Fallon asked, "Why do you get a do-over?"