Blues go for more traditional look with new jerseys

Barrett Jackman and T.J. Oshie show off the Blues' fresh new look. 


What’s old is new again for the St. Louis Blues, who unveiled their new jerseys on Monday night in St. Louis. 

According to the Blues’ team website, the new sweaters "reflect a modernized version of the classic look worn by the team from 1998-2007." The Blue Note? It will not be touched, as it symbolizes "the club’s pride in one of the greatest logos in all of sports."

Paul Stastny models the new home jersey as he is introduced for the first time in St. Louis as a Blue. 

The players are excited to rock the new threads. 

"It’s going to be exciting to bring a fresh look to the team," T.J. Oshie told "Any jersey with a Blue Note on it my teammates and I are proud to wear, and this one is pretty sharp."

Check out more shots of the new jerseys by clicking here.

The new jerseys bring back a more traditional look, says the Blues.