Ben Affleck wearing a Cards shirt? You’d better believe it!

No, the photos above and below were not Photoshopped or altered to be deceptive. They really are images of Academy Award winner Ben Affleck wearing a St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt.

But don’t go getting your hopes up, Cardinal Nation. The noted Bostonian and diehard Red Sox fan is not switching allegiances. He’s just doing his job.

His job, of course, is making movies — which is what he’s been doing in Cape Girardeau, Mo., for a while now. The movie is “Gone Girl,” and he plays a husband who becomes a murder suspect after his wife goes missing in southeast Missouri, which explains the Cardinals shirt. It’s a costume, nothing more.

But it sure looks strange to see on the eve of a Cardinals-Red Sox World Series. Just don’t expect to see it off the set.